Breakbit Archival Project

ROFLtrax was an old netlabel, created by mrSimon at some point in time (I assume pre-2008). It was mostly a YouTube Poop styled label, with a lot of the music essentially being auditory shitposts. About halfway in the entire labels lifespan, it was reinvented under the name "Breakbit Music", with a vague sort of direction which was never quite enforced. It was around this point in time that I found out about it and started getting involved with the community, making friends with several of the musicians who released things on it. Unfortunately, this was also the point where the label was starting to die off. It's community was constantly at war with itself for various reasons, and as such, mrSimon officially handed ownership of the label to a committee made up of few of the artists and people who were especially involved. About a year or so later, it was officially closed. An archive was set up on Bandcamp, containing every album release from the label up for download. Unfortunately, that too didn't last very long. We're now at the point where it's incredibly difficult to obtain or even find anything on the albums released through this label, with some of the artists gone MIA and others keeping to themselves on their own Bandcamp pages. This has gone on for too long, I feel. Breakbit was an incredibly important part of my life, especially with regards to the friends I made during my time there. After reuniting with some of them and talking to them about "the good old days", I've decided to start up this project: The Breakbit Archival Project. The aim is simple: Collect every single release that was put out on ROFLtrax and Breakbit Music ("discontinued" releases included) and upload them into a collection on This not only allows for a permanent home for the albums, but also allows for people to have a bit of a nostalgia trip and remember the good times that were had there. Oh, and it allows for new people to discover some of the amazing things that were put out on the label. There's a lot of absolutely fantastic albums and EPs that were released and are now impossible to find.

Of course, this all has a slight moral issue when it comes to the releases that the artists now have up on their Bandcamp pages. If they're free/name your price then it's slightly less of an issue, but if they're paid for then it definitely becomes a problem. My first point to make is that I will be putting a contact e-mail onto the collection. If any artist wishes their album/ep to be taken down and theyre available on their Bandcamp, I will happily comply, remove all the content save for the album art from it and put a direct link to the release on said Bandcamp page in the description. For the sake of archival, if a release isn't available elsewhere, I will be less lenient to remove it. For completions sake, I want everything there with the ability to both stream and download it. Point number 2 is related to the release being paid for; In the event that this happens, I will contact the artist to make sure it is OK with them for it to go into the archive. If not, I will simply link to the bandcamp page instead. Simple as that.

Below are three tables: ROFLtrax releases, Breakbit releases and Miscellaneous releases. The first two are self-explanatory; the third table is for releases that I'm not sure when they were released and can't really be arsed to figure out based off what kind of music it is. After all, this list is compiled mostly from the Discogs pages for both forms of the label as well as the memory of me and my friends. The releases are labelled with a red or green box depending on if I have the album in my possession or not. If you know of a release not on the list, or if you have any of the ones I don't have yet, please send me a mention on Twitter on @beecollage. Thanks!

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